Wednesday, August 01, 2012

*blows off dust* cough cough sputter sputter

I was going to put something like emerging from a cocoon, but searching "cartoon cocoon emerge" in Google Images led to a picture of someone with a giant butterfly tattooed on their ass (one wing on each cheek), at which point I fled. And now I predict at least 50% of you will search "cartoon cocoon emerge" in Google Images to see what I'm talking about.

Well, hello there!  'Member me?  I'm sure many of you dropped away since I haven't posted in a YEAR. *shame*  Some little goofball has been taking up all my time. ;)
Yup, definitely my kid. ;)

It's quite the juggle - baby, full-time job, life. But weezabear just turned one, yay!  And she's been sleeping through the night consistently for the past couple of months (I may have wept when she finally did that).  And I finally have little bit of time to myself again. And some actual energy in which to do something with it.

So I figured perhaps it was time to start knitting again.  But I needed some motivation. Which, of course, requires new yarn. Behold the stash additions! New yarn
That would be some Malabrigo Silky Merino, some Malabrigo Worsted, and some Plucky Knitter MCN. Because who could resist Malabrigo and, well, anything with cashmere really.

Now I need something to knit!  I've popped into Ravelry now and then, but just to talk about very important things, like Mad Men and Downton Abbey.  Aside from this Dr. Who shawl, which I am totally going to knit even though I never wear the shawls I've already knitted, I am completely out of touch with what's out there.

So, few readers who are left, tell me - what has been your favorite pattern in the past year?

Friday, September 02, 2011


Hey kids, have you missed me? :) The past 8 weeks have been a wild and crazy ride - one I wouldn't trade for anything in the world (not even those first couple of weeks, which were a special kind of hell).

Our little GirlPod is the light of our lives! She's SO SO unbelievably cute and amazes us every day. Forgive me for getting all sentimental, but it's an all-consuming love you can't adequately describe and simply can't imagine 'til you've been there.

I'll try to come back and post some decent pics later, but for now, here's one I took last night of our sleeping little angel and her crazy-ass hair. ;)


Friday, June 03, 2011

Baby Tulip Sweater

Tomorrow is moving day, ack! As much as the timing stinks, I cannot WAIT to be in the new house. This place has served us well, but it's time to move on. I'll just have to remember to reign in my usual anal-retentive-unpack-everything-in-one-weekend tendencies and make sure to take it easy so GirlPod doesn't decide to make an early appearance! ;)

Speaking of GirlPod, here's another little cutie crafty thing I whipped up for her last month. See, I haven't abandoned knitting entirely! ;)
The Autumn Leaves Sweater, isn't it adorable? Of course, most baby knits are cute, but this pattern really is fabulous. And free! I knitted the smallest size using DK weight yarn in hopes it'll fit her around 6 months. But hey, she's a baby, it'll fit her at some point. ;)

I used Lion Brand Collection Superwash Merino, which for some inexplicable reason is only available online. Yeah, let's put the squeaky acrylic in every freakin' store in America but leave nicer stuff online where you have to pay for shipping. Good choice, LB.

It's a DK weight, 100% superwash merino, soft and springy albeit a tiny bit splitty. Not a huge choice of colors, either. But otherwise, an excellent and reasonably priced choice for DK merino. I was able to score this from someone's Ravelry destash, which is where I suggest you look first.
I love the leaves and swingy shape of this! The pattern was easy to follow and, being a tiny knit, went by quickly. Can't wait to try it on her!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taking cover

One of the things I love about sewing is that you can make something so much cuter and SO much cheaper than retail! Like this nursing cover!

I used this tutorial as a guideline, but made it with a softer, lighter cotton fabric and slightly larger dimensions (I think, it's been a month or so since I made it).
Being a newbie at this whole mom thing, I figured the odds of accidentally flashing total strangers was pretty high while nursing in public. This cover should help to avoid that! And the boning at the top allows for ventilation so GirlPod doesn't get a sweltery when we're out and about during the summer. Also helps me keep an eye on her. Because she'll have half of Hubster's genes as well and he's a troublemaker, that one. ;)

One tip - get the boning that has a bit of extra fabric at the edges. I got the kind that was closely encased and broke a needle when it went through the boning itself.

A little preview of how it'll look in use. :)
Some of these go for upwards of $35 retail! Cost to make it myself? Probably around $7. And it only took an hour or so. I love being a crafty bitch. ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Babies love to grab things. Babies also love to throw things (so I've been told). So why not give them something to grab and throw that won't cause bodily injury and property damage?

Like, say, these fabric blocks! I LOVED making these. So much so, I didn't even mind the little bit of hand sewing! (Now that's saying something! ;)) I used different parts from different tutorials mixed in with some of my own mods, so don't have a linky for you. But just Google "sew fabric blocks" and you'll find a host of tutes you can glean from.

This first set was for my friend S, who recently gave birth to her second son. For now, though, she says her older son (who's almost 2) LOVES tossing these around!

The second set was for my friend Y, who is expecting a boy just two days after GirlPod's due date. Their nursery theme is, can you tell, sports!


And last but most definitely not least, a set for GirlPod. :) I had just enough fabric left over from the car seat cover to make these as well.

These are going to be so much fun for GirlPod to play with! Well, they will be until I start getting pelted with them over and over and over again...