Sunday, April 29, 2007

Secrets from SP8

Now that the round is over and my secret identity has been revealed, I can go posty on a couple of fabulous finds and an undercover FO from knitty SP8!

weeones Stitch Markers

Three little fish stitch markers are we(eones)...

I was floating around Etsy one night, stumbled upon "Tiny little companions for life" and squealed in delight! These fabulous animal stitch markers are handcrafted in polymer clay by weeones and oh, they are just the cutest things you have ever seen. She has many different kinds readily available in her store, and does custom orders as well. So, I emailed her a couple of pictures of my pal's fishies (secretly lifted from her blog) and these are what she came up with. Cute cute cute and absolutely perfect!

Jillian was really incredible to work with, too - amazing craftmanship, super fast turnaround, and she couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating. She even helped me stay undercover with my sp identity and didn't reveal who I was in the listing (which you can see here)!

I highly, highly recommend you check out her Etsy store - her stitch markers are seriously adorable and she is just a dream to work with.

Pigeonroof Studios Roving

Ooooohhhh so soft.

I scored (well, my pal scored!) this gorgeous roving from Pigeonroof Studios, another great Etsy artist. I emailed Krista to ask her a couple of questions, and she too was super friendly and fun to communicate with. She even gave me a heads up as soon as she updated her shop with exactly what I was looking for - 4 oz. of superwash merino in the Greek Isles colorway.

This stuff is incredibly soft, fluffy as a cloud, and the colors are just spectacular. I was tempted to keep this for myself - and I don't even spin! To top it all off, she also offers free shipping (I think I love her for that alone).

So if you're looking for wanna-roll-around-in-it-nekkid fiber dyed in stunning colorways, give Pigeonroof Studios a spin. Haha, get it? I'll tell you this - if I ever get the urge to break out that drop spindle in the back of my closet, she'll definitely be my first stop for fiber!

Heeeere kitty kitty...

Haven't I seen you on Spongebob?

The second package I put together for my pal centered around a "Wild Kingdom" theme. As such, I wanted to include some little toys for her kitties. Enter Wontons!

Plain and simple
These were quick and easy to whip up - a bit of kitty crack catnip wrapped in white batting, all encased in some Karabella Aurora 8 (left over from the Gwennabie hat and the R2D2 beanie). That's about it, really.

But still gotta mod
However, I did make a few mods. First, I used a smaller needle size than the pattern called for, as the 5 was yielding a bit too loose a fabric. Second, I made them slightly larger for more snuggability - the light blue was cast on at 40 stitches, the dark blue at 35 (can't remember how many rows, but until they formed a square). Third, I used pre-wrapped packets of catnip from Petco to make it, a) easier to stuff and b) less likely to leak out and scatter. Finally, I sewed the ends in differently to look more like actual wontons (or at least, like the wontons Mom used to make). Must be in the genes.

That's a wrap
Even though they look a bit like something out of Spongebob, I thought they came out rather cute! My pal's kitties must've thought so, too - they immediately took off with these as soon as she opened them! (Although the kitty crack might have had *something* to do with that...) At any rate, if you gots you some furballs and needs you some stashbusters, go on - give these a try.

Kitty Wontons
Pattern: knitty
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 in Blue Topaz and Cobalt
Needles: Addi Turbos, size 3
Size: Cat snugglin'
Mods: Smaller needle size, larger wonton size, self-contained catnip packets, and more wonton-y finishing
Lesson learned: Kitties sure do love to hump the catnip!


Blogger Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I can't believe I missed that pattern on knitty! Too cute!

Great stitchmarkers--what a great idea! I love etsy!

4:45 AM  
Blogger Stariel said...

Thanks again for all the awesome stuff - you were truly a GREAT SP. :D

The kitties still thank you, and so do I! And I love the roving - I can't wait til I have more spinning time so I can spin it up and knit some socks.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Too cute! Kitty wontons! Beautiful roving! :)

11:33 AM  

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