Monday, January 22, 2007

Plunder in the snow


No knitting for me tonight. Hubster was a big fat train wreck last night so me so sleepy. First, the second I climbed into bed, when he came to hog my side as he generally does, his arm flew over and smacked me upside the neck. Ow. Then, after tossing around like the perfect storm for an hour, he got up and promptly dropped a glass of water on the floor. The hardwood floor. After which Train Wreck there had to turn on the light to mop it up. Fast forward two hours later when he was snoring the paint off the walls. *sigh* The only thing that kept me awake today is that he made coffee strong enough to sprout hairs on my chest.

So, instead, I bring you some yarngasmic pr0nny pr0n! These are the next two socks that will hit the sticks. After I knock Train Wreck unconscious with a club so I can get some rest.

There up top you see them snuggled together. Doncha just wanna get lost in the fibery goodness?

adamknits - he's a dude who dyes yarn and is the nicest guy ever. Now how do you not fall in love with that?

This is some freaking amazing yarn by adamknits. Lime-n-Violet gave him a shout out in one of their pre-Christmas podcasts, mentioning this fabulous colorway called "Snow Angels." It was a limited edition, inspired by the new album cover from Over the Rhine.

Being late to the party as usual, I heard the podcast long after it aired, by which time it had (of course) sold out. I emailed Adam last week to ask hopefully if he might be offering it again in the future. Well, he just so happened to have one single solitary skein that he had stashed for himself, but said I could have it instead! Sqqquuueeee!!!

I don't normally go for yarn with white in it, but there was just something about this colorway. Call it fate. Call it kismet. Oh hell, let's just call it what it is - lust! And oh my, is it squishtastic. This I believe is destined to become a pair of Snowflake Socks. Not sure why, but with certain yarns I feel the need to find a pattern that "goes" with the colorway name.

Behold the sheeny scrumpaliciousness of Yarn Pirate. Consider me plundered.

This beautiful skein of scrumpalicious fiber is the Punkin Head colorway by Yarn Pirate. I have another skein of hers from a previous swap and she's amazing. Just lookit it. Are you mesmerized yet by the smooth, supple colors? The deep pinks, the chesnut browns, the burnt oranges, the dark cranberries. This is 100% merino but it has the most gorgeous sheen. And oooooh, it's yummy. Pet it with your face yummy.

I'm thinking Wyverns for this. Probably on 0s or perhaps on 1s in the largest size of the pattern, as this seems to be on the lighter end of the sock weight spectrum. Hmmmm, I might even have to *gasp!* swatch it first. Oh, wait! No I won't - Wyverns are toe-up! Whoo hoo!

Rounding out today's pr0n, here's a peek at one completed Diagonal Rib sock in Socks that Rock. This is my first experience with STR and I love this yarn. Love it love it love it. The ultimate in sproing. Soft, delicious, knits like a dream. I finished it this weekend and there will be no SSS here, that I can guarantee. Because after trying it on, I. Must. Wear. Them.

I think my big problem for the next few weeks will be deciding which pair to pick up every night!


Blogger Bezzie said...

That is some gorgeous yarn there! Can't wait to see your finished STR socks!

4:25 AM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Damn girl, you give good pr0n! Ooh baby!

7:59 AM  
Blogger bradyphrenia said...

ooooooh. i am DYING to get some socks that rock, as in, i keep stalking the website every hour or so while i'm at work trying SO HARD not to order. you aren't helping things! :-P

10:24 AM  
Blogger Batty said...

*drools mindlessly*

I still can't believe I spent all that money on the STR club. But your pr0n is telling me I made the right decision!

5:34 AM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Verrry nice pr0n there!! I have a skein of Adam's in the peppermint mocha yummy!

Can't wait to see your STR socks! Must be tough to decide on which socks LOL!

2:00 PM  

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