Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nothin' like a sunset

Sun sets on yonder something Shakespearean.
Sunset Stripes 1
Aren't they pretty? And look ma, plain stockinette! I tend to prefer patterned socks, but when you get a colorway like this one, you kinda have to go vanilla.

Sunset Stripes 2
Not much to say. Socks like yours, 'fraid mine would seem terrible dull.

Not much to these - I used Judy's Magic Cast-on, a standard toe, and a Sherman heel, with 2x2 ribbing for the cuff. That's about it! :)

Sunset Stripes 3
Yarn thoughts

This is Artsygal Stripes, a lovely 3-ply merino sock yarn. Not really sproingy, but nice and soft. It comes pre-wound in a set of two cakes, which makes it easy to go the matchy-matchy route! Excellent yardage as well - I think these are the tallest socks I've ever knit, and there was an entire purple section left over.

There was a fray and subsequent breakage in both skeins in the exact same spot, however, just after the yellow part of the toe. I'm hoping that's not a sign of durability! But, I have yet to wear through a pair of socks (great, I probably just jinxed myself :P), so I'm sure these will be around for many seasons.

What I really love is how the colors just meld into one another. Very Noro-like, which is nice for someone who can't knit with Noro (Kureyon too crunchy, Silk Garden too...mohairy). I think these might be dyed in flats, as the cakes have that wavy Ramen look about them. It also knits up with subtle lighter stripes throughout (difficult to capture on camera but easy to see in person), almost as if the dye didn't make it into the nooks and crannies. I would've liked to seen a more consistent color throughout each section, but these socks are very pretty and I'm sure I'll wear them quite often!

Wrap it up
I dig 'em! They remind me of those gorgeous sunsets back in Hawaii. All I need now is a Mai Tai! Mmmm, Mai Tai. Hold on, I'll be right back...
Sunset Stripes 4
Sunset Stripes
Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Artsygal Stripes in 090643
Needle: HiyaHiya Stainless Steel in size 1, 32"


Blogger turtlegirl76 said...


5:23 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Hehe..those are so her colors, (see person above ;) watch out now! I love the colors!

5:40 PM  
Blogger Kaye said...

They remind me of Hypercolor clothes--remember that stuff? Probably gave you cancer, but hey it was cool to see people's sweaty pits!

7:03 PM  
Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those are awesome!! Love them!

And also love Bezzie's hypercolor reference...hehehe

11:49 PM  
Blogger SJ said...

Fab-u-lous! Stockinette was definitely the way to go.

4:25 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Great socks! Definitely the right choice to go with plain vanilla for a pattern. I also find stockinette socks the most comfortable in footwear.

4:44 AM  
Blogger chemgrrl said...

Wow, those are really pretty. They seem just the thing to pull on in the middle of February when life seems dreary and dull.

My verification word is lakerted. What the hell does that mean?

5:55 AM  
Blogger knottygnome said...

yay colorful stripey socks. love them!

5:55 AM  
Blogger Team Knit ! said...

Gorgeous socks- the colours are just amazing!!

- Julie

7:48 AM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Those are sooo cool!
The colors remind me of popcicles!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Jacey said...

I really love the gradient yarns like this. The socks rock, my dear!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

Those socks are awesome! Especially now with all the dreary weather. Cheered me right up!

12:50 AM  
Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Super funky, babe!

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Jeanne said...

What great socks - I love the colors! Very popsicle-like...

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Rosi G. said...

ooooo! those are sooooo pretty!

7:04 AM  
Blogger Sourire11 said...

So. So pretty!

5:43 AM  

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