Monday, August 03, 2009

I did it!

I did it, 13.1 miles in 2:33:47! Not bad for my first half-marathon, eh? And here's the odd part - I actually thought it was FUN! I absolutely loved every single minute of it (okay, well, maybe not the getting up at 4:30am part)! It was a great course, really scenic, and a total trip to run across the Golden Gate Bridge - even if it was super foggy!

Here I am at the finish line. All you get is this tiny thumbnail, as it'll be a couple of weeks before MarathonFoto sends me the CD they made me sign over my firstborn child to pay for.
thumbnail finish
After the race, Hubster and I walked around the park to cool down, cabbed back to the hotel, got all cleaned up, and had lunch. Then I hopped on the Bart and met up with Irishgirlieknits, finally in person!

We had such a fun afternoon! First, she took me to Purlescence (great store, awesome staff), where I got to fondle all kinds of soft and squooshy yarns - including some Luscious Single Silk from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. (This is the first time I've seen it in person and hooobaby, that stuff is soft! SO going on my Christmas list!)

While we were there, guess who walked in? cpurl! It''s like she *knew*. (Hey cpurl, when you sense those winning lottery numbers, make sure you email me, m'kay?) I also got to meet Josie, knitpsycho, and a couple of other knitties!

In celebration of my half-marathon bucket list achievement (and because Irishgirlieknits already outed me, you can thank or blame her ;)), here's a rare, full glimpse of me in the wild. I'm going to try not to be all Internets paranoid and delete this later!
And yes, that's the Indigo Ripples Skirt that I finished a year ago and have yet to blog.

When they make a Lifetime movie about me and my stalker, I hope they get someone hot to play me. Like that chick who fought Wolverine in X-Men 2. Or or or - have Nathan Fillion play my stalker and I'll play me. Oooo, yeah, there's an idea...

After some very restrained stash enhancement, Irishgirlie and I went and got the most fabulous. pedicures. ever. Check it out, my feet finally look girlie again!
It's hiding the black toenail on my big toe very nicely, too.

Now, you may be thinking I'm insane for doing all that after running a half-marathon, but it was actually a good thing! If I'd just crashed and taken a nap, my legs would have totally cramped up and I'd have been seriously hurting the next day. Moving around and staying in motion was key to recovery! As, of course, was yarn. They should put that in Runner's World...

Coming up: Four, count 'em, four FOs!


Blogger Trillian42 said...

I am so ridiculously impressed that you did a half-marathon! I bow before you.

Also, Indigo Ripples? Awesome! And doesn't this count as blocking it? :D

6:13 PM  
Blogger JellyDonut said...

Congratulations! It's an awesome feeling to complete your first half marathon. I did mine ten years ago (Georgetown, Colorado to Idaho Springs) and I still can't believe I did it. Yea! So proud of you!

6:56 PM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Congratulations! A half-marathon? I could only dream. What a day you had! I'm both in awe and ridiculously jealous.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

Way to go! For a quick sec I didn't read the full time and thought you finished in two and a half minutes. It's still early here.

3:40 AM  
Blogger SJ said...

Well, as someone who works up a sweat just strolling in to work (I blame the humidity and the baby), I'm in awe of your accomplishment! Way to go!

Oh, and the Indigo Ripples Skirt looks super cute!

4:21 AM  
Blogger knottygnome said...

congratulations! that is awesome. i can't wait to see all the FOs (four sounds like a marathon in and of itself)

8:03 AM  
Blogger chemgrrl said...

But, but...where are the pictures of the stuff you BOUGHT? You can't tell me you didn't pick up anything. I wouldn't believe you.

I am super impressed that you finished in less than 3 hours! Hmm, too bad they don't make half-marathons for swimming, cuz I'd totally be into that. Wait, maybe not. 13 miles is a really friggin long way to swim. Maybe I'd do 5?

9:40 AM  
Blogger Jacey said...

Woo! Congrats to you, Weezie. That's impressive, and it's nice that you got to hang out, get a pedicure and fondle yarn after your big success. What an awesome day!

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Congrats on the half-marathon! What a great time. Sounds like the running, yarny goodness, & pedicures made for one memorable day!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Caffeine Girl said...

Congratulations! I ran a 5k a number of years back and I still proudly wear the t-shirt.

10:44 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

It was so cool to meet you in the wild!

I can't believe you ran the half marathon and managed to look so adorable!

10:19 AM  
Blogger Nell said...

Congrats!!! You rock!!!!

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Jeanne said...

Congrats - what a great accomplishment!

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Marla said...

Congrats, way to go. I am working towards a 5K right now, then maybe on to a half. Keep at it!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Congratulations on the run! I love finishing a race--my longest ever was only 4.2 miles, but the sense of accomplishment at the end is so awesome.

And running across the Golden Gate Bridge? So cool! I miss the west coast.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Congratulations on your running achievment! I am so not a runner. What a gorgeous skirt!

8:23 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

I'm very behind in my blog reading, but Congratulations! That is quite an achievement!

3:54 PM  
Blogger Sourire11 said...

Congrats on your half marathon!!! That's awesome and amazing!

11:39 AM  

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