Monday, August 13, 2007

The flash tops here

I got tagged by bradyphenia for her custom meme to flash my sweaters to date. Erm...well, it's pretty slim pickins. I can't even flash my store-bought sweaters, I donated those earlier this year! They were all acrylic (yes, ack!), as I could never find any wool ones that didn't make me itch. And they never seemed to fit right anyway.

Now that I've found a few lovely wools that are soft and non-itchy, and can make my own sweaters - ones that actually fit - I couldn't bear to wear those icky, store-bought, unbreathable acrylic things any more. Off to charity they went! There are about half a dozen sweaters in my queue for this winter, so hopefully I won't freeze my patooties off like last season.

But, for now, I'll flash ya what I've got, including a tank and vest to help beef it up a bit. And yes, I'm using previously shot pics because one's already been donated and I'm too lazy to go dig out the other three.

First up is a wip, which will hopefully be done by the end of the week.
Maximoss in progress
It started out as the Minisweater, but has morphed into a regular top-down raglan cardigan. I ditched most of the pattern and think I have enough yardage to make this a 3/4-sleeve sweater that hits the top of my jeans. I'm about 1/3 of the way down the bod, so we'll see how it plays out.

Next up we have the Beer Vest.
Cropped Bolero Vest
This one went to Goodwill. The whole linebacker thing was just not working for me. It got a few wearings, but I had to block the living daylights out of it to stretch the length, the ribbing pulled up disproportionately in the front, and the shapeless shoulders were crap. Plus, the back was a completely different shade than the front, which started to bug me after a while. The yarn was super soft, though!

Ah, yes. The Dolly Parton Mini-me Honeymoon's Over Cami.
Honeymoon Cami
I still have it. I trot it out when I need a good laugh. This was pretty early in my newbie days, when gauge was something I laughingly tossed in the wind. It's about two sizes too big (particularly in the bigger-in-my-imagination boobies), the straps are too short, and it weighs a bloody ton. I've toyed with the idea of cutting and seaming in the sides, but that wouldn't solve the short strap sitch. Of course, I could probably try to pick out the strap seams and redo them, but that's a bit too much work for something I'm not real keen on to begin with. This currently resides in the emergency jammy pile (something I wear when the laundry falls behind), but Sonata's not the softest yarn in the world (feels kind of like cotton rope to me), so it may just get frogged or tossed.

And finally, the Girl-on-Girl Shrug.
Girl-on-Girl Shrug
This started out at my waist and now hangs about mid-tush. It seems to grow with each wearing. The DB Cashmerino is a tad itchy, so I have to wear a long-sleeve tee underneath and even then it starts to get unbearable after a few hours. Sadly, cashmere even in small amounts sets off my sensitive skin (wah!). I still wear it every once in a while (usually just at home, so I can take it off when the itchies get to me), because I like how it turned out and can't bear to frog or part with it!

So that's it - a wip, a vest, a tank, and a shrug. So far, for the FOs, I'm 0 for 3. Pretty pathetic, ay? Let's see if Maximoss can break the cycle and turn the sweater tide in my favor! I can never remember who does and doesn't like to get tagged, so I'll just leave it open-ended and say go on - show 'em if ya got 'em!


Blogger bradyphrenia said...

ooh, i love the color of the sweater you are working on. can't wait to see it finished.

and thanks for taking my magical mystery tour of sweaters past. i really appreciate it!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

The linebacker one cracked me up--and oh my god! Is that the mysterious Weez's face there???? Or did you just find a random girl to wear your sweater and drink a beer for you to take a picture of? ;-)

4:51 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

Sweaters and beer. Life is good.

6:20 PM  

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