Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WIP it Wednesday

Here's a peek at what I've got going at the mo:

IK Summertime Tunic

A little while back I scored some HUGELY discounted Rowan Calmer in this creamsicle-y color and oh, I am in loooove with this yarn. So soft. So squishy. Heeee. I'm about to enter the mindless-stockinette-for-eternity phase, which is sometimes a nice place to be.

*Enable alert!* They still have some left at Cucumberpatch! Even with shipping from the UK, it's a STEAL.

Dragonslayer Socks

I'm Frankenknitting this one together. First, I took the dragon skin stitch pattern from BW and modded it up to 30 stitches. Next I'll be screwing on the head bolts by adding a reverse heel flap/gusset a'la Widdershins. Then we'll give it that retro-funky hairdo with some interesting ribbing at the cuff.

I started these on a 32" circ but moved them to separate sets of DPNs once I hit the gusset increases. I've discovered 32" isn't quite long enough to do two socks at once, so these will probably stay on DPNs 'til they're finished.

Ampersand Socks

Does it count as a WIP if I started then frogged? I think so. I was using size 1s and got three repeats into the leg before I realized they were too small (denial, the world's worst cologne). So, into the frog pond they went. Which was hard, because they were soooo prettttyy.

So now I be starting over on 1.5s. I think I may try another new technique and give the two-at-once-on-two-circs thing a try. One needle's an Addi Lace and the other's an Addi Turbo, but they're the same size and at least it'll keep me from confusing the two!


Blogger Zonda said...

Lovely looking WIP's!! :)

7:36 PM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

I love the mindless stockinette for eternity phase. Hm, I wonder what that says about me?

3:13 AM  
Blogger knitten kitten said...

That creamsicley color is just yummy, and I have to say thatfor me, endless stockinette can be the most relaxing part of the day. Pop in an old movie favorite and veg while you knit.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Your tunic looks great and your dragonslayer socks sounds awesome!!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Bobbi said...

Oh I love the Rowan Calmer! Creamsicle is exactly right! it looks so pretty and squishy! I have yarn envy :)

11:55 AM  

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