Friday, May 11, 2007

Idiots and The Man

The city was doing some maintenance on my street Wednesday and Thursday (or at least planned to, didn't actually see anything get done), so I parked my little Stash (yes, I named my car) around the corner on Tuesday night.

Well, yesterday I went to retrieve her and discovered I've been the victim of. Um. Untidy felons.

Exhibit if you will:
1. Front compartment left open. Note piece of broken lighter, further described in #2.
2. Lighter from center front compartment, broken and left it in the front seat. Most likely leaking lighter fluid all over the place. Now most likely baked into the upholstery. Either it's some new street drug the kids are into or (s)he's an idiot AND an ass.
3. Randomly strewn items from said compartment - set of matches, rectangular felt lining, more broken pieces of lighter casing.

4. Apparently I can't count.
5. Metal portion of lighter.
6. ID from a previous job that was never returned, because I'm trying to block the memory of working there from my subconcious.

7. Change from center compartment, untouched.
8. iPod adapters from center compartment, also untouched.

The doors were definitely locked, because it beeped twice when I went to unlock it (which it wouldn't do unless the doors were locked). None of the windows were broken and there was no sign of forced entry, so they either used auto mind control or one of those long metal thingies the auto club uses when you lock your keys in the car to get in.

Once they got in, they didn't take the change that was right there in the center console, which is where people usually keep anything worth taking. In fact, they didn't take anything at all. All they did was smash the lighter and randomly toss other items throughout the car. So they risked a criminal record just to break in and make a mess. Weird.

I filed a police report (man, did that feel stupid - I'd like to report...uh...a mess in my car...) just to have it on record. The officer was very nice and said he'd send an extra patrol around for the next few nights as well.

Now I need to get my car detailed because a) I'm rather skeeved out by the fact that some random dude (or dudette) was pawing through my car, and b) in case there's lighter fluid soaked and baked into the upholstery.

cheeky takes a hit
My "Mind the Stash" design got pulled by The Man (term shamelessly poached from Bezzie). I suppose I should be flattered that my dinky little store got noticed at all! At any rate, I either need to rework it, ditch the roundel, or ask the London Underground for permission to use it.

*sigh* Let's hope the weekend winds up better than the week.


Blogger Bezzie said...

I've had my cars (two different ones) broken into three times.
First time they stole my mix tapes, but left the store bought ones. Second time they opened up my emergency roadside kit (ooo...flares!) and the third time they stole fruit snacks that I keep in the console armrest for Chunky on long drives.
I can completely sympathize with your "If you're going to break into my car, at least make it worth your while and steal my loose change." and skeeved/strangely violated mentality.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

People are nuts. Some kids once broke into my car and made a big mess as well. However, they stole my CDs which angered me for a good couple months. Actually, I'm still mad about that. Bastards.

Re:your shirt. Talk about the man keeping the little man down!

10:18 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

Wow, that is... weird! They break in and leave a mess. If it hadn't been done pretty 'professionally' (i.e. the door was unlocked and locked without leaving a trace), I would have put it down to drunken teenagers. It's a good thing you reported this, though. I'm not liking the gang tag/car break-in combo. Stay safe!

4:18 AM  

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