Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kick my ass. Please.

For the past week, I've been mulling over the next pair of socks to cast on. And mulling. And mulling. And mulling...

I've got the yarn selection narrowed down to one of my more girly colorways, most likely Sweet Georgia Superwash in Slayer (reds) or Orchid (pinks). But I can't seem to settle on the pattern. I keep flipping through my books, my mags, my knitalong patterns, knitty, magknits, other online sources, you name it. There are just so many patterns I want to knit, I can't decide which one is next! (Anyone else get that way?)

So c'mon, kick my ass out of pattern paralysis! Throw some ideas against the wall and let's see what sticks - think top down, heel flap, with a lacy or interesting stitch pattern.

By the way, if you have the book Favorite Socks by IK, let me know if the new patterns in it are worth making the purchase (Flame Wave, Undulating Rib, and Diagonal somethin' or other). I've tried every store in a 30 mile radius and NOBODY has it in stock. Since they don't preview pics of those three online (not that I can find anyway), need some validation before I hit Amazon. 'Cuz that's just what I need - more pattern choices. :P

P.S. ladylungdoc - the sock yarn you asked about is by the former adamknits, now of Yarn Nerd, in Snow Angels. It was an exclusive colorway he did around Christmas. :)


Blogger Bezzie said...

Oh I totally get like that. I've got to find THE perfect pattern before I cast on.

I've only briefly flipped thru Favorite Socks at my SNB in TX...trying to knit, browse a book, and talk, well, I'm not good at that kind of I have no helpful advice for you!

1:45 PM  
Anonymous tasha. said...

How about the Queen of Cups socks in the latest Knitty? I think they'd top down with a heel flap and definitely lacey. Plus I dig patterns with cool names. I'm a sucker for 'packaging', as it were. ;)

3:40 PM  

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