Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, my week as a 50s wife officially ended yesterday when I started my new job. During that all-too-brief little holiday, I remembered how much I love to cook (even in our butt-ugly kitchen), finally had time to take care of a few things we've been meaning to take care of for ages around our little fixer-upper (talking about the house, not Hubster), had a chance to chat with my older brother (long overdue), and discovered that I'm incapable of going to bed before 2am if I don't have anything specific to get up for the next day (guess that would make me...weezapire? weezula? draculana?).

I also discovered - dare I say it? - that I actually enjoyed being at home. Not that I sat around on my ass eating bon bons or anything - in fact, I didn't get anywhere near the end (or even the middle) of that list of to-dos I'd ambitiously set out to complete. Hell, I didn't even have time to knit as much as I'd originally planned. But still, if we could get by on just one income, I'd love to ditch the corporate world and go freelance, taking on clients and assignments whenever, at my choosing.

Oh, if my young 20s self could hear me now. If she were dead, she'd be turning over in her grave.

Sadly, with the new job, I'll only be online at night, at least for a little while. But it sure is nice getting up at 7am instead of 5am! I'd almost forgotten what it was like to get a decent night's sleep. Plus, my commute is so much shorter, can't really put a price on that. ;)

Quickie knit update - Mojo seems to have had enough of the margaritas and cabana boys and is back with a vengeance (guess it missed me, too). I'm giving Magic Loop a go on the Twin Rib socks, caved and started a Mini-Clapotis, and fnished the ribbing on the Cabled Newsboy Hat from SnB Nation. You may even *gasp* get some in-progress shots at some point this week!

P.S. Above image is from
Knitted Purls, which specializes in vintage knitting reproduction for the TV and film industry. Check out their website, it is v. v. cool! (I'm not really into knitting vintage myself, but have been looking for a few vintage knitting ads to frame as artwork.)


Blogger Batty said...

Nothing wrong with being at home. I just took a week long temp job to keep me busy till I find something more permanent, but the first couple of weeks between jobs are always fun and relaxing.

Magic Loop rocks. I wasn't sure at first, but now, I love it!

5:38 AM  
Blogger Batty said...

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7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weezula the knitting vampire! I'll take that into account when I send your next package!

7:10 AM  

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