Friday, November 10, 2006

A series of nonsequiturs

Hubster qualified for a vendor-sponsored trip to London this year, and we just decided to extend it with a few days in Paris! Words can't even BEGIN to describe how excited I am. It's our first vacation in two and a half years and man, is it long overdue. Even sweeter when it's on someone else's dime!

Since the London portion of the trip is paid for, as is the airfare, all we have to do is cover our lodging in Paris (and of course, the bottomless pits of wine and food we're going to consume while we're there). This week I've been going blind researching which arronwhachamacallit to stay in, different hotels in those areas, and endless private apartment listings. Hence why I've been a bit MIA this week. But I'll be off to make my blogstalking rounds in a mo!

I admit, I didn't vote on Tuesday. Yes, yes, I know, civic duty and all. I always vote in the presidential elections but I had a hard time motivating for the local this year. Judge me if you will, but I get so disgusted with the bombardment of mudslinging each year even down to the different measures, I don't want to contribute to either side. Besides, the governor was so far ahead in the polls, his opponent didn't stand a chance. Plus, his opponent just looks like a weenie. A two-faced weenie at that.

This weekend I'll snap pics of the Hubster hat and Gwennabie Zim hat (which I finished on Tuesday and is so cute!). Our camera blows and it's pitch black by the time I get home, so weekends are the only good time to get decent shots in natural daylight. I've been eyeing that Fuji F20 turtlegirl posted about last week, we may have to spring for it or its big brother F30 before our trip.

I snack when I'm bored. Which is why at home, I rarely snack. Which is why at work, especially lately, I do. This week I've consumed about a dozen Caramel Apple Pops, possibly the best candy ever made (and a big hit with the many trick-or-treaters we had). Strange thing is, I don't even like candy. I'm not much of a sugar girl, I'm all about the salty carbs. So I don't normally go for cookies, cakes, or candy but stick a bowl of chips in front of me and I'll swallow it whole. But boredom makes a girl snack desperate. Snackesperate. Despersnack.

The Noni bag annoyed me so much, I powered through to the bindoff last night while Grey's was on pause (Tivo, greatest thing since sliced bread. I forget what commercials are). I've never been more relieved to have a knit off the needles than that damn bag. I'll be a hittin' LnT with my 20% off coupon after work for a zippered pillowcase so I can felt it up this weekend.

My commute sucks ass, particurly on Fridays. It's an hour and a half to two hours - each way - in my not-made-for-long-drives-gas-guzzling little car. But hopefully it will knock down to an hour with the Veteran's Day holiday. I need a new job closer to home. Or Hubster to win the lottery like he promised.

Thus ends our photoless series of nonsequiturs for this week.


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