Friday, September 15, 2006

Prison break

I hate to admit it, but my self-imposed knitless prison has actually done me well. Thanks to a steady diet of rest, massage, Thermacare wraps, and Vali...I mean, Advil, the arm and hand appear to have recovered nicely.

I also managed to plan - and follow through on - our weekly dinner menu (culminating in last night's rosemary pork chops with roasted garlic red potatoes), get to bed before midnight, enjoy tasty post-dinner apertifs (that Smoking Loon was quite tasty btw, very grapefruity), plow through my entire 6-month backlog of mags, and rediscover my inner HGTV goddess. But now that can all go to pot again, whoo hoo!

No, actually, I came across this article in the knitty archives and moving forward, really do plan to heed its advice (too bad I didn't see it until after the fact). Doing so should help keep me firmly ensconced in my sticks-and-fiber obsession but in a more balanced and healthy manner. Yeah. In theory anyway.

Since I haven't been able to actively knit this week, I've done the next best thing - incessantly researched it! I re-inventoried my stash, updated my wip/stash multi-tab spreadsheet, pored voraciously over patterns, updated my wip/stash multi-tab spreadsheet, documented some new techniques, updated my wip/stash multi-tab spreadsheet...

I've planned out all of my projects for the remainder of the year, along with the dates they need to start and finish by. (Yes, I'm freakishly organized. And yes, the spreadsheet gives me great joy.) Updated sidebar shows the current wip lineup, with a couple more socks to be added in for Socktoberfest, which I just signed up for. Whisper and Viveka catfight every day, too, we'll have to see which one takes the other down before the cast-on bell.

You may be thinking I've sparked a doobie if I think I can get all that done by the end of the year. But if you look closely, you'll see almost all of them are smaller projects - hats, socks, baby items and the like - and of the three that are grown-up clothes, two are little croppy things. And I'll probably change my mind 100 times between now and then anyway.

Tonight I'll be easing back into the stash with some swatching, with plans to pick up those socks and that goddam pithy hat tomorrow. But for now, having taken the day off, I'm going to go cop a squat on the couch, take a nap, and try to forget that my mechanic is doing $450 worth of repair work on my car.


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