Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No, not Noni, nona

Piles of yummy fiber surround one of my favorite engagement pics from several years ago - running down a beach like five-year-olds, chasing seagulls.

Flashing some of my new stash, the blue and gold on the right there is a lovely gift compliments of nonaknits. She's been destashing the last couple of weeks, parceling out yarns in exchange for an act of kindness and the promise to knit what you get. (If you haven't visited her blog, I highly recommend. She has some fantastic tips and techniques in there - two of note being a superb lowdown on different decreases and another experiment with short rows.)

In addition to some oh-so-snuggly blue what I think is worsted wool, my grab bag included some wonderfully fluffy mohair. Now sadly, a brief experiment during my enabler's visit in July showed empirically and emphatically that mohair causes ITS (Itchy Scratchy Syndrome). But I'm actually looking forward to wipping this up into some kind of frothy confection, because even if I can't wear it, I do want to try my hand at knitting with mohair and it will make for some super scarfy goodness that one of my friends will adore.

On the left is part of my recent sock yarn aquisition - Koigu, which is destined to be a gift for one of my best friends, as well as some Lorna's Laces in the exclusive Knit Happens colorway (Fall knitty! Fall knitty!) and in Pinstripe (with which I plan to test the theory that if you knit a pair of socks for your husband, he'll never leave you). The LL in Georgetown that was part of this purchase (that 30% off summer sale at Knit Happens was lethal) is currently on the sticks. In my wip bag. Magic toe-d up, sad, and lonely. Calling out to me. Is the week over yet?


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