Monday, September 04, 2006

Nice RAK

Since SP8 is months away, I decided to satisfy my inner giftess by granting a handful of knitty RAKs. Hopefully these random skeins and project overs will fulfill their destiny in the hands of another knittyhead. It was great fun putting them together - I even made little tags. I can't wait to mail them off tomorrow!

Oh, I also finished the Knucks. Just need to pop them in the wash.


Blogger merry said...

I received one of your nice RAK's!
THANK YOU! I have never had any Knitpicks shine and I love it! It was so nice getting a present in the mail, I've been sick for a week and this made my day! I'll put this to good use! Thanks again, you're a sweetie pie!

8:16 PM  
Blogger adore_one said...

Christine you amaze me! So wonderful...and yes I am sneaking bandwidth on one of my neighbor's networks shhhh

5:20 PM  

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