Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ugh, I have a Maryjanegraine. I cast on for the Mary Jane Pithy Hat last night, but the 72 stitches didn't seem like it would make the band wide enough. So I added about 30 more and went along my merry ribby way for 6 rounds.

Today I actually read the next line of the pattern, where it instructs you to make 1 for every two stitches. Greeeeeaaaattt. I realized after that round the hat would be way too big.

So here's my afternoon went:

  • Frog.
  • Cast on 72.
  • Start ribbing over.
  • Curse like a sailor moving from size 4s to size 10s.
  • Curse like sailor's brother trying to do the purse stitch on blunt Addi Turbos.
  • Drop a stitch three rows into the purse stitch.
  • Have no idea how to pick all that back up.
  • Frog back to end of ribbing.
  • Insert lifeline.
  • Take opportunity to try on and discover with the 72 cast on it's too small.
  • Rip hair out.
  • Frog.
  • Cast on 82 stitches.
  • Start ribbing over.
  • Gaaaaaa!

On this, my freaking THIRD time around, I switched over to dpns and those at least are a little easier on this pattern than the Addis. Too bad I didn't realize that before my hands turned into eagle claws. I got about two rows into the purse stitch before I had to put it away. I think I'll pop a few faux Advils and do some nice, easy rows of stockinette on my honeymoon cami. Restore the faith.


Blogger Ali said...

Love the title of your post. Sorry your knitting is driving you carzy, but that was a funny post. :)

BTW: I'm here to see your soaker and toilet-roll I-cord maker.

4:59 PM  

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