Friday, August 11, 2006

Make your own Girl-on-Girl Shrug!

One of my fellow knittyfolk requested that I post my Girl-on-Girl Shrug pattern, so here it is!
  • Cast on 65 stitches. (You can go higher or lower, just make sure you have a number that is divisible by 7, then add 2 stitches to that number for the total cast on.)
  • Knit the Amanda stitch pattern.
  • Keep going (and going and going... ) until the rectangle is long enough to fold over the sides and form the sleeves as shown in the Rena schematic.
  • Do the "fold" check periodically, and when you have about a 6" space at the top between the folds (what will be the sleeve seams should be at the bottom), pin the seams together and give 'er a try on.
  • If you're happy with the size, bind off on the knit row (so you would knit all four rows in the stitch pattern, then bind off in knit).
  • If not, continue knitting along, doing the fold-and-pin until you are.
  • Make sure when you bind off that you leave a nice long tail to seam up the sleeve on that side. (Tip - you may want to leave a nice long cast on tail at the beginning for seaming the other sleeve.)
  • Handwash and block.
  • Once it's dry, fold, pin, seam and voila! Your very own Girl-on-Girl Shrug!


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