Sunday, August 13, 2006

Knitting Nirvana

I had it. The moment. The moment of clear, epiphanous, knitting nirvana.

I got the Alchemy Rockstar pattern very early in my supernewbieness. This was pre-anyFOs, and once it arrived, the charts (seven of them, all tiny, and on glittery dark red paper no less) almost made me run for cover. I put it away and figured it would be best to wait until I had a little more knitty under my belt.

A couple of months ago, I picked it back up, started a swatch, kept confusing the symbols, frogged, and skulked away in shame. Later that evening I scanned the charts, made them black and white, printed them out, but with ego still freshly bruised, put them right into the binder.

Friday morning I carted them out and popped them in my bag. On the way home from work, sitting in &*#%$^@ Friday rush hour traffic, I took the first one out, along with a pen, with the intention of writing out the pattern. But lo and behold, as I looked at the first couple of rows, I suddenly just got it. I GOT it! I didn't need to write it out, I knew exactly what each of the symbols meant, and the pattern totally made sense! Skies opened. Rainbows formed. Angels wept. I had the ultimate knitting moment! And I rode it all the way into Saturday night, when I swatched it up using Rowan Calmer.

The Calmer is soooo soft, and interesting to knit with (in a good way). I was WAY off gauge pre-wash/block, and while I was able to hit it right on after, I'm not quite sure it's the right yarn for this. It's...what is it...a little too...snuggly? Rockstar seems to be screaming for something with a bit more sheen (hence the recommended Synchronicity, a silk blend that is more than my freaking car payment). So for now, I'm just going to let the swatch sit for a couple of days and see if it grows on me.


Blogger adore_one said...

You know this is totally weird, I was reading my calmer book this weekend, only one here ;) and I just kept thinking hmmm don't know if this would work for rockstar...hmmm don't know.

Isn't that weird :D

I vote a silk blend. At webs they have cones I know you luuuuuve them

goes back to hide in corner and giggle

6:14 AM  

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