Friday, July 21, 2006

They never learn

A couple of weeks ago, Hubster and I were lounging on the couch after dinner. I was (of course!) knitting, he was (of course!) channel surfing. He came across "Hard to Kill," a fine, fine piece of cinema then promptly fell asleep. Since I was into my wip of the mo, I didn't have the wherewithal to find the remote and therefore subjected myself to two hours of Cheese with a capital C.

The next day, I was (warning - 80s flashback talk a-comin') bagging on him for subjecting me to such a lameass movie. I illustrated my point by lambasting a line where Steven Seagall says, and I kid you not, "Yeah, I'll take you to the bank. The BLOOD bank." Hubster got quite indignant and insisted, insisted that this line was absolutely not in the movie. I said oh yes it was and told him exactly which scene it was from. He argued with me rather passionately for about 10 minutes, saying I was totally wrong, no way was that line in the movie, etc. etc. etc.

So I bet him $100 that it was. We've made a few bets like this over the years, and I win 99% of the time because I don't make bets like this unless I'm absolutely sure I'm right (which, all but 1% of the time, I am). So one would think a) he would have learned that by now and b) he would realize this because they have always hovered in the $5-10 range. Hubster not only took the bet, but made *me* shake on it and got rather cocky afterwards, telling me I was going to have to pay him $100, I was so wrong, that he would even go out and buy the DVD to prove it.

Fast forward to last week. The movie came back on HBO. I reminded Hubster of the bet we made and he said, "What bet?" (Oh no he dih-uhnt!) After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I proceeded to recount the bet to him in detail. He said there was no way he would make that bet because he not only knows that line is in the movie, he knows exactly which scene it is in. We went back and forth for a couple of minutes, me recounting the bet again, him denying he made it. Then, then he tried to say, oh yeah, now he remembered the bet but it wasn't that the line was in the movie, it was what scene it was in. I laughed, called him on that, too, said um, noooo, because I told him exactly what scene it was in when we made the bet. A few minutes later he said he would take me to a nice dinner. I said no way, a bet is bet, he wasn't getting out of this with a dinner, I wanted my $100! He kept trying to wriggle out of it, saying nope, it wasn't a real bet (isn't that just like a man?), and I kept coming back with uh uh, he not only made the bet, he insisted that we shake on it, so pay up buddy and ooo, think of how much yarn I can buy with my extra $100!

Tuesday night I reminded him of the fact that he still owed me $100 from that bet and he said...he would give it to me before he left for his business trip on Thursday.

So, what was that long-winded story for? Well, I had just been convinced by my little enabler adore_one to buy 10 balls of Rowan Calmer and the Calmer Collection book from a destash sale earlier that evening. Now I don't have to stress over my purchase, because that bet just paid for it.


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ALWAYS love to enable you lady!!!

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