Sunday, July 09, 2006

Noni Noni Noooooni, The Sequel

Whew, almost caught up! Okay, so I knitted the bag and i-cord, then tackled the flowers. Again I did these in a single strand of Eco+ rather than the 220 doubled up.

The first flower I did using the "regular" instructions for separating the petals. Assembled, pre-felt, it looked like this:

A little more full than floppy, so I went with the greater separation instructions from that point forward. Muuuuuch better.

I wanted to work in some fun funky color, so I test felted Debbie Bliss Soho. It doesn't felt down as much or as quickly as the Eco+, so I adjusted the pattern accordingly, knitting the middle round of petals in the smallest size. I also did one medium-sized flower in all Soho. Apparently, the brain cells that had the foresight to knit smaller sized petals in the combined flowers were on minibreak when I knitted the all Soho flower, since what I should have done was knit a small-sized flower instead. As a result, the combined flowers felted exactly the way I wanted while the all-Soho flower came out freaking huge. Did that make sense? I've been typing a while and I'm hungry, so the mind is starting to go.

I felted the bag, which thankfully went from shapeless nothing to something resembling the picture on the pattern, i-cord, and flowers on the 4th of July. I knitted five flowers intending to sew them around the entire perimeter of the top rather than the three on the front that the pattern calls for. But after having played around with them a bit, it appears doing so may make the bag too top heavy. Since the DB flower is disproportionately ginormous, I may save that for the Noni Carpet Bag (future wip) and just use three small flowers.

I need to take the fabric shaver to the flowers (the Soho fuzzes up like mad), then decide their placement and sew this bad boy up! Sometime this week I think. Until then, it sits on my laundry room counter, looking at me forlornly, hoping to fulfill its destiny as another knittywhipped FO.


Blogger Stacy Z Designs said...

You are correct the soho flower is the size of the bag! I looove all the other flowers this bag will be amazing. I must learn your icord trick!

10:26 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

I just looove the NONI bags and especially that flower :) Nice job!!!
Some day I'll get the knitting pattern to Denmark and knit one myself... the flower that is.

Nice icord trick :):) I'll try that when doing my next bag!!

3:08 PM  

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