Sunday, July 09, 2006

My first FO

I skipped the whole beginner's scarf thing and went straight for the soaker as my first finished project. It was a triple F - fast, fun, finish - not to mention simple and easy.

It's knit in the round, with ribbing, an eyelet row, and finished off with kitchener stitch, which was unexpectedly easy and the greatest freaking invention known to knitters (at least, that's how it felt when I did it). The i-cord almost killed me, but I have since discovered a solution that will keep it from defeating me in the future (more on that later). It's quite an impressive looking FO, and got many oohs and ahhs at my office! It's now sitting amongst the collection of items I have compiled for my future unborn children.

Diaper Soaker
Pattern: punk_knitters livejournal
Yarn: Plymouth Galway
Needles: Denise 7, 16"
Size: Small
Lesson learned: Supernewbies don't need to start with scarves!


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