Sunday, July 09, 2006

May 2, 2006 - The obsession begins

Nearly two months after my first cast on, I am caving to the peer pressure of my favorite little enabler to start a blog to document my knitting escapades. To begin, I thought I'd backtrack a bit and mark the highlights of what has come thus far. So come, take my hand, and follow me into the light...

My obsession began as a small spark the evening of May 2nd. (I remember this only because my brother's birthday was two days later, otherwise I am terrible with dates.) I had signed up for a knitting class in April at my lys, but had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict (see?). With a bag of practice yarn and two needles sitting in my closet, I was lamenting to my friend Stacy how the next weekend beginner's class wasn't until June. She, having just jumped into the fray a month or so prior, turned me on to the wonderful world of After dodging various obstacles (life), about a week later I logged on to the site, watched the long tail cast on and knit stitch videos, and a few minutes later had begun my deep, dark descent into complete and total abandon. Knitting was fun!

The first few rows snapped for posterity - Plymouth Encore on Crystal Palace 9s

The purl video marked the following evening and soon I was knitting like a fiend, like a fiend I tell you! "Just one more row..." became my nightly mantra. By that weekend, I was playing around with different stitch patterns I found online. Within a week, I began to cultivate my already alarmingly...healthy...stash of yarn, patterns, and needles. Now, just two months later, I am proud to admit I am completely, totally, 100% knittywhipped. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Let me take a moment now to shout out props to my close friend and favorite enabler Stacy for sparking this fabulous obsession of mine, and to, whose free kickass online videos were not only better than any class I would have taken, but saved me $55 (which of course, I promptly spent on yarn and needles). Much love!


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