Sunday, July 09, 2006

Baaaad bucket hat, baaaad

Friday night I cast on the Little Turtle Knits Bucket Hat using KnitPicks Shine, which is super soft and oh-so-inexpensive! The pattern is designed for worsted cotton that shrinks, and as I discovered when I swatched last weekend that Shine doesn't, I chose to knit the next smallest size.

Now the hat was going all well and fine Friday night and Saturday night. It's an easy pattern and the Shine, which tends to be splitty, was having a kissy kissy love affair with the blunt end and smooth nickel surface of my new Addi Turbos.

BUT, things went all awry when I picked it up today. I...I ca...I can't even speak of it. Let's just say I had to put it in the corner to think about what it did. It's been several hours now, so I think it's learned it's lesson. I'll find out tonight if it's ready to behave like a good little wip or if it's going to detention.

When you're ready to behave yourself, you can come out.


Blogger Stacy Z Designs said...

Well I hope it learned its lesson!

10:25 PM  

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